Before you are able to decide as to what is the shelf life of coffee beans, it is necessary to consider the type of coffee beans. When it concerns green coffee beans that have been stored in an environment that is dry, the shelf life could be as high as ten years. This is how such coffee beans have been called ‘aged coffees’ though at the same time it must also be mentioned that such aged coffee beans will lose their acidity and gain body when they have been stored for very long periods of time.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee beans have different needs with regard to shelf life. Such coffee beans will not last for more than two weeks even if the coffee beans are stored correctly. Also such coffee beans will begin to lose flavor and it is recommended that you should use this kind of coffee within a week of being roasted because after two weeks it will will have a weaker taste and poor quality.

The shelf life of

Have you heard about the newest craze in weight loss? The green coffee bean extract. It has taken the Health and Wellness arena by storm especially after there was a television show with a popular doctor who spotlighted its amazing effects on body weight and body fat indexes.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes Rapid Weight and Fat Loss

Recent studies on the green coffee bean were published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal followed a test group of 16 adults who used the supplement for 12 weeks. All of the subjects lost 17 pounds each. This happens without doing anything differently. The test group did not diet, or exercise, what they did do was lose pounds fast.

Why does taking green coffee bean extract work?

If you think it’s because of caffeine you are wrong. when coffee beans are roasted it is done at about 400 degrees and that burns off the active ingredient which is the cornerstone of this amazing natural ingredient that accelerates fat loss and also reduces

Hopefully you’ve heard about the dangers of diet pills-pulmonary hypertension, heart valve damage, and insomnia are a few of the many side effects. As an alternative, many people come to rely on coffee and cigarettes with the mistaken notion that these things will help them lose weight. Let’s take a moment to discuss why that method is no way to get healthy.

“What your coffee choice”

Cigarettes are bad for you. Period. Period. Some people will argue that smoking will help you lose weight, some will even swear by it, but the only things you can count on losing through smoking are your good health and your money. The reason smoking helps some people tame their appetite is because it satisfies a craving. The excess eating we do is driven by want, not need, so smokers use smoking to sublimate that urge. Smoking gives them the chance to put something in their mouth without consuming calories. Other people say that cigarettes relax them and dull taste buds, which curbs their urge to eat. In turn, many smokers

In order to create a successful event, there has to be a master plan to handle every preparation that is needed. It does matter how much money that is spend to handle special event. It cannot guarantee the result of the event if there is no nice plan to organize the content of the party itself. There must be considerate plan to put the right decoration, room accessory, or even types of food and beverage. This is a complicated matter that cannot be handled individually. Therefore, it would be wise to hire Catering Services in order to hold a successful and splendid event. Basically, this kind service helps the customer to organize as well as arrange the food and beverage in certain event. Thus, the customer does not have to organize and order every things related to the upcoming party.

What kind of party that will be held by you? Is it a simple school reunion or organizational event? In fact, these kinds of event have been held so many

For all of you coffee lovers out there, if you dream about the taste of an aromatic blend as the morning hours come upon you then keep reading. There is no better way to experience unique, high quality coffees from all around the globe than to subscribe to a coffee of the month club. Micro-roasters and even larger coffee producers are increasingly starting to offer their products on a monthly subscription basis. This offers consumers and coffee enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience the smooth, mild flavor of some of the world’s best coffees sprinkled with a touch of variety and delivered to your doorstep each and every month.

There are many options available as you start your search for a coffee of the month club. Many of the coffee producers offer specialty coffees consisting of organic and fair trade beans from all around the world. So get on that thing called the internet and start your search.

There are varying degrees of quality coffee producers along with a wide variety to select from. Invariably the best coffees are usually organic and fair trade beans that have been roasted as

The Nesco® Coffee Bean Roaster is fun and easy. The preset digital controls allow you to roast coffee beans in 20 to 30 minutes and cools them to be ready for brewing. You can also create your own signature gourmet coffees from your favorite combinations of beans. Roasting different bean combinations allows for a larger range of distinct flavors each time you roast, which is a great plus for coffee enthusiasts. Roast up to 1/3 lb. of beans each time; this equals enough for 36 cups of coffee.

This 5 star roaster uses an advanced patented catalytic technology. It uses the powerful agitator along with the advanced catalytic converter to significantly reduce smoke and odors. Less smoke and odors means a better tasting cup of coffee and makes this machine perfect for those who prefer to roast beans indoors. And, this roaster is significantly quieter than most other home coffee roasters. Smoke comes from overheating that gives your roasted beans a slightly burnt smell or taste and thus your coffee. Once the green coffee beans are roasted, they will only remain truly fresh up to the next 10 days. To accommodate those who

Coffea or coffee is a large variety of flowering plants with over 90 species. They are shrubs belonging to the Rubiaceae family native to southern Asia and subtropical Africa. The coffee beverage is derived from the seeds of its fruit or coffee cherries. Coffee plant grows to a comparatively large height and is more precisely described as a tree.

The coffee berries, coffee cherries or fruits usually contain two stones or beans. Coffee beans are mostly made up of endosperm that consists of 0.8 to 2.5 per centum of caffeine. Only a small percentage of coffee cherries have a single bean. This bean is called a peaberry.

Coffee beans are not literally beans. The name originates from the Arabic words gahwa and bunn; gahwa means coffee and bunn means berry. They are the seeds of the coffee plant, and almost all coffee traders call these seeds beans.

Coffee develops under the shade in its natural habitat. Coffee plants grown under the shade, do not deplete the soil’s resources and lives two times longer than sun grown varieties. The quality of shade grown coffee is said to be

Coffees are shipped from around the world and arrive vacuum-packed at the recipient’s door. Choose from 1 bag to 3 bags per month and choose your roast: French roast, Colombian, hazelnut, and other delicious blends. You can join for 1 to 12 months Great for corporate gifts, friends, coffee lovers, and that picky, hard to please cousin. Sounds like an awesome gift.

And it is a wonderful gift, but there are a lot of decisions. First off – do you make it a social pleasing gourmet coffee? Do you go Fait Trade or not Fair Trade? Do you go Song Bird or not? Do you go Organic or Not? And now a few gourmet coffees even support this charity or that – some even help homeless children. So where do you start? It seems like it’s a great gift and why not help someone too.

So let’s start with Fair Trade. I highly recommend Fair Trade but let’s be very careful and choose the right Fair Trade. To be Fair Trade all a company has to do is pay over $1.50 per pound for the coffee. Amazing how many US

The question today is whether history does repeat itself as the ice cap starts to melt, sea levels rise dramatically, with major problems for coastal cities.

According to Archaeological reports the sea did in fact rise significantly about 6000 years ago, although “Dreamtime” (Earth’s Creation) can be considerably older. The physical evidence of rising of the Seas is in the finds of sea shells and beach sand on top of large mountains in the regions north and south of Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. The large mountain called Coramba Mountain 10 klms west of Coffs Harbour is one example of the evidence of the rising of the oceans 100’s of metres above its present sea levels.

Other examples include “Yarrahappinni” Mountain where beach sand exists on its summit. Also Mount Warning further north near Queensland border (another significant Aboriginal place of the Bundjalung people) also reported to have sea shells on its peak. I believe there are many more such places.

Today’s Archaeologist and Geologists, in the main take into evidence ancient cultures and beliefs of the changing of our worlds climates and environment and the inclusion that

The by-products of coffee processing are mainly coffee pulp, parchment husks and coffee husks. The main environmentally sustainable alternative uses include soil conditioner, fertilizer, mulch, animal feed, alcohol, bio gas, charcoal, heat energy, wax, and acids.

Coffee chaff from coffee roasting and spent coffee grounds from coffee manufacturing can also be used as CO2-neutral fuels. Spent coffee grounds from soluble coffee production can be burned as renewable fuel which replaces or reduces fossil fuel use for other production stages.

Four common sustainable coffee by-products include the following,


  • Coffee pulp is a rich source of nutrients: 0.5% nitrogen; 0.15% phosphorus, and 0.5% potassium.
  • Coffee pulp can be treated and used as organic fertilizer.
  • Usually the coffee pulp is placed on piles and left to compost for about 3 to 12 months.
  • During that time, coffee pulp turns into rich, black humus excellent for composting.
  • Using organic fertilizers improves soil conditions and increases agricultural yield.
  • Farmers save money otherwise spent buying inorganic fertilizers.

Mushroom planting soil

  • Coffee pulp can also be used as planting soil for mushroom production.
  • When used for this purpose, the coffee pulp is fermented for about two days.
  • The coffee pulp is then pasteurized with hot

There are several alternate resources of medicines in your atmosphere. These green coffee bean extract are ideal for those diabetic people along with for those individuals which experiences hypertension.

And also this will additionally assist you to accumulate the resistance that you simply truly want. If you wanted to generate these things take place without taking any kind of work then these beans could be great.

If you are a prospect which is still troublesome on just how you may fill out, at that point you could really have it usually when you use these beans today. So what are you still looking for why not test the idea today. If you searching for the cheap but successful technique on working with your body and furthermore your wellness

If your answer should indeed be, at that point for sure you are interested in the green coffee beans because of the contents that you may undoubtedly acquire once you attempt these beans these days. In the field regarding studies, one of the aspects of these beans is for you to burn those they termed as visceral fats. Aside

Many people absolutely adore this coffee and refuse to be without it in their homes. For these staunch coffee lovers, this coffee roaster offers a cornucopia of flavorful coffee varieties for home use. Their offers comes packaged in handy k cups for use in the widely popular Keurig coffee machines. These cups are used with the innovate system to let you choose from an incredible variety of coffee blends for whatever flavor your mood requires, or to have available when guests come over.

For coffee enthusiasts who prefer a dark roast coffee, there are some excellent options available. The dark magic and double black diamond varieties provide a robust, bold flavor for serious coffee lovers. Dark magic is also available in a decaf version.

They also come in a variety of subtle and aromatic flavors. If you like to settle in with a cup of flavored coffee in the late afternoon or evening, they have a flavored coffee variety that’s sure to please.

More than thirty different varieties of coffee are available. What’s more, the innovative brewing technology lets you brew single cup after delicious cup of

The Green Mile story is from Stephen King’s novel, “The Green Mile”.

Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb, a prison guard of death row inmates during the great depression, where he supervised all executions that would take place at the Louisiana Corrections Facility. Paul works alongside three other main prison officers, Brutus Howell, (David Morse), Harry Terwilliger, (Jeffrey DeMunn) and Dean Stanton, (Barry Pepper) who all report to the warden Hal Moores, played by James Cromwell).

There is also a prison officer named Percy Wetmore, (Doug Hutchison) who has been transferred to the Louisiana facility and who is disliked by everyone at the facility including the inmates on Death Row.

It is the year 1935 and Paul and the other prison officers are getting ready for a new arrival to their block, a gentle giant of a man named, John Coffe, (Michael Clarke Duncan), who has been convicted as the killer of two young girls. John Coffe has special gift that includes healing sickness but it takes a lot out of him when he does it. Paul suffers greatly from a urinary infection and he does his best

Did you know that drinking coffee has been proven to have a small, but significant effect on weight loss? The scientists knew this fact for quite some time, but thought that it’s caffeine – a well-known substance responsible for coffee’s recognizable stimulant effect – to credit for this.

In recent months, the power of another chemical naturally occurring in coffee beans, Chlorogenic Acid, got their attention. This ingredient, found in abundance in raw coffee beans, but in reduced quantities in coffee beans that have been roasted, is thought to have health benefits for serious ailments like diabetes and heart disease. For hypertension, it might affect blood vessels in a way that helps reduce high blood pressure.

There has been several studies that suggest that Chlorogenic Acid also has some interesting weight loss properties: on one hand it reduces absorption of glucose in the blood, and on the other, it activates metabolism of excess body fat. That makes supplements containing green coffee bean extract almost ideal for those looking to shed pounds, fast! What’s not to like?

It’s easy to get excited with new green coffee bean extract

There are many products, herbs, substances, or foods that are rumored or thought to help with hair loss. Just a few examples are green tea, lavender, saw palmetto, and evening primrose oil. Lately, there’s been a lot of references to coffee as one possible treatment for hair loss, thinning, or shedding. There’s some controversy however as to whether the coffee should be consumed internally or applied topically to the scalp, and if so, how often and how much should be applied? Also, how effective is this treatment and what type of hair loss is it effective for? I’ll try to address these questions and concerns in the following article.

Is Coffee Really An Effective Treatment For Hair Loss?: The recent study which is often cited tested only 14 subjects with thinning hair. The scientists took hair biopsies from these folks and then placed these in caffeine for eight days. Supposedly at the end of these eight days, the scientists theorized that the subjects saw a 33 to 40% increase in the length of the hair. The researchers went on to theorize that the caffeine had in part protected the follicles from DHT or

Let’s face it, rebuilding your health after a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t an easy task. It’s a journey that takes dedication, self-awareness, some practical tools, and this gives you an opportunity to brush up and acquire some new skills to help you through it and out through the other side. But it can and must be done in order to survive, to repair, and to heal yourself and that means taking a proactive approach because let’s face it, no one can else can or will do it for you.

This is a journey that begins with a single step, a decision to get well, and often is solo when it gets right down to it. Of course, having lots of support is ideal but isn’t always available when we need it so knowing some quick and efficient ways to restore some real easy energy to your cells, fast, is the way to go!

Whilst I personally have not suffered from fibromyalgia, I do know what it’s like to suffer from chronic pain, achy joints, and the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion, fatigue, and being tired and drained. For the

So you want a baby, and you eventually find out that your pregnant. So now that you know, you will want to eat properly, so that both you and your baby are healthy.

Even if you haven’t been eating right before you got pregnant, now is the time to start, for both you and your baby. You can have delicious foods, and you’ll know your baby is getting the right nutrients.

If you choose the right healthy diet and foods, this will be very good for your baby, and give him or her a very good start to life. You see, your baby is going to need the very best of nutrients so that all of their limbs and body will grow properly.

So it is crucial, to pick the right kinds of food, ensuring that your baby gets all of the right vitamins and nutriments it needs.

One of the most important vitamins is Iron, so choose foods rich in Iron, this helps promote, high levels of oxygen for the blood. This in turn is very good for the circulation. To build strong

When delivering a speech, some foods are definitely bad for you and should be avoided. They can cause digestive problems, they can affect your energy level and they can affect your speech delivery.

The following foods can cause problems before a speech:

  • Coffee increases nervousness and anxiety and also has laxative effects. For some people, the excitement caused by coffe helps their delivery. For many more, it has the opposite effect. Coffee also causes drowsiness a few hours after drinking it, which explains why some people need to be on a constant diet of coffee consumption. Unless you know how it affects you, refrain from drinking coffee before giving a speech.
  • Milk thickens your saliva and makes you produce more mucus. This will impede your speaking and pronunciation.
  • Salad and cabbage can cause gas and discomfort. Green leaves also have a nasty tendency to stay stuck in your teeth, which can be quite embarrassing if you notice it in the mirror only after you give your speech.
  • Drugs and alcohol: Some people use alcohol to calm their nerves, hoping it will help them give a better presentation. That’s a risky proposition, just like drinking and driving is a risky

Coffee used to be maligned as stress-inducing and spiking blood pressure. However, recent studies have hailed coffee as a good source of anti-oxidants. It boosts mood, memory, and focus; for most regular coffee drinkers there is no hike in blood pressure. Some researchers claim that coffee drinkers are less likely to get gallstones, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. Coffee is a social thing and can mellow you out by generating positivism. You don’t need to read tea leaves to figure out who you are.

There are coffee personalities; this means the kind of coffee you drink can speak volumes about your personality. Many of us don’t know who we are or what we want out of life; the coffee we like can provide a much-needed clue. The body doesn’t lie while the mind can rationalize anything.According to Alan Hirsch, MD the Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “Today the type of coffee someone prefers really makes a social statement.

With so many choices, it’s like we now have a coffee Rorschach test to gain insight into an individual’s personality.”Since I am a people watcher

The coffee break is since always a real blessing for every worker. It helps you to relax, to have a good chat with the colleagues and maybe also to snack.

Coffee is since centuries one of Italians’ most favorite beverages. As tea is considered the typical English people drink, also thanks to the famous teatime, Italians are famous in the world to drink the espresso. Espresso coffee is a concentrated coffee beverage obtained by the roasting and milling of Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta seeds, then brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee toward the use of an appropriate machine.

But coffee is not just a plain physical process. Make the coffee is an art and especially a life style. Every country has its own particular way to prepare coffee and each one is convinced that other countries prepare just undrinkable coffees. As for example the American coffee that we Italians consider just as a tasteless slop. There are also many ways to drink the espresso, there are people who just drink the espresso from the bar, who spends many hours a day at the office

Have you ever tried to lose weight? If yes, another question is, have you ever tried a weight loss product that is marketed for its slimming effects upon its consumption? If your answer to this question is also a yes, you probably would have wanted to increase its consumption to experience more and more weight loss. The same goes with the Leptin Green Coffee 800, which is a popular and widely known replacement of regular coffee but with much better slimming effects.

Many people have tendency to quickly expect the results by consuming lots of coffee but for a shorter duration of time. Their reasoning behind this behavior is that if they eat lot of high calorie food, they gain weight faster, and drinking Coffee should also follow the same pattern. In their view, lots of green coffee in a short duration should mean much quicker weight loss in a short duration. However, weight loss does not work in the same way as the weight gain. Coffee works by maintaining the vitality and by keeping the energy levels high. This reduces the fat by increasing metabolism at a constant rate.